Hi, I am a Storyteller.

My name is Lindsay Duncan. Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Virginia has been my home for most of my life. I share this home with my amazing fiance, our daughter, our two dogs, and soon our son. Photography has always been a passion of mine. People have always intrigued me and the desire to capture all of the moments that are meant to be remembered has always run deep through my veins.

If I could describe the type of photographer I am, I would say "free spirited". I try my best to capture the real moments - the rawness of love, childhood, life. I tend to stray away from too "posed" sessions and do my best to allow my clients to just relax and show their true selves. I want to show your life, your heart. I want to allow you to really open up and pour out your soul. I am there to guide you and help you feel comfortable, while embracing the chaos and wild ride that if your life.

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“& she embraced the chaos, as it painted her life with purpose.”